Veteran's Program 

HORSEPOWER is actively seeking veterans to join our program at no charge.  We currently have openings for (4) veterans with full paid scholarships for the program.

Ever since the revolution, Americans fought in 1776, horses have been a part of the military.  A soldier riding a horse has become a symbol of war and physical courage.


Now horses again are coming to aid the military - but this time, it it to help veterans not in battle, but after they return home.  Horses have vigilant natures, and rely on their fellow herd members for safety and camaraderie.


Military personnel may find this lacking in civilian life, and bonding with the horses is often a way to work on a partnership built on trust, earned respect, and working towards a  mutual goal.  Our program emphasizes a true learning to interpret and respond to non-verbal communication through a combination of ground and riding activities.  Because horses are prey animals, they are highly intuitive at picking up cues from their environment, especially from other living things.