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Honoring the Memory of

Carolyn Sink


Danielle Drew

We are on schedule for our 5th Annual Carolyn Sink Memorial Horse Show!

The 2023 Horse Show is scheduled for October 21st!

We invite our riders, staff, volunteers and supporters to submit a few sentences and photo titled, “What HORSEPOWER means to me.” Stories will be posted on our facebook page, and made shareable. Please invite your friends to visit our site, and make a donation in honor of a favorite rider, staff, volunteer, horse, or their favorite story(s) and/or donate directly to our general fund. 

We will again do a virtual experience through Facebook live feed, so all friends and family can watch from around the world! Please have them tune in on October 21st between 9 am and 2 pm. Thank you to all of our participants, their families, our volunteers, the staff of HORSEPOWER and especially to all of the donors and sponsors that helped make this event, and HORSEPOWER, possible. 

Please remember that donations and sponsors are always welcome anytime.... and greatly appreciated.