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Our Horses are the Magic behind HORSEPOWER

HORSEPOWER spends a minimum of about $88k per year to care for 22 horses. This cost includes Hay, Feed, Grain, Shavings, Veterinarian Services, Farrier Services, Barn Supplies, Supplements, Halters & Horse Care Personnel. Obviously, some of these costs have risen year over year with keeping our horses healthy and supplying them with the supplements they need.   Our main goal is to keep our horses healthy and happy while they do such important work.  


We now have an "Sponsor a Horse" program that allows you to really get involved with the horses as well as help us and our horses focus on the overall mission.  


SPONSOR A HORSE!  Face it, we shouldn't have favorites, but we all do!  Is there a HORSEPOWER horse that holds a special place in your heart? Show your love and support and “adopt” a therapy horse - You can become the proud foster parent of a HORSEPOWER horse! 

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