A different kind of classroom!

Horsepower for Homeschoolers is a safe environment where students can:

• Acknowledge anxiety, concerns, and perceptions.

• Be authentic, playful, and curious.

• Learn to make decisions and problem solve to reach objectives.

• Develop Cooperation, Communication & Listening Skills

• Develop and strengthen Friendship & Social Skills

• Experience “in the moment” guidance from Horsepower’s P.A.T.H. Certified Instructors

• Experience structured skill building activities, complete with goals, objectives, and projected outcomes.


How Can Homeschoolers Benefit from Horsepower?

Physical Education—requirements for homeschoolers are met through planned activities that improve balance, strengthen most muscle groups, improve flexibility and posture, and provide a slight aerobic workout for the rider.

Academic Support—homeschoolers have a way of creating unit studies out of almost any area of interest. Horseback riding is an opportunity to homeschool core subjects in correlation to horses. All of the core subjects, and some electives, can easily be taught by referring to the hands-on experience the child gains from a horseback ride.

Leadership—Horses are amazingly similar to humans in their personalities and actions. Learning to properly execute leadership skills such as effective communication, teamwork, and problem-solving with the horses will carry over to the human world and help prepare your homeschooler to be a positive and active member of society.