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Meet Our Horses

Our horses are the true magicians behind our program.

With their amazing energy, love, patience, and an unspoken understanding, we have seen them work miracles with children and adults of all ages. Each horse is unique and special in its own way.... and they all have a story to tell. Like humans, they have their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses which is why most people seem to bond with one certain horse.


If you are interested in becoming a horse sponsor, please contact Jan today,


Chloe (Breed: Quarter Horse; Height: 14h)

Leased by Melody Ratty- 02/26/22

Sponsored by Melonie Shaffer

Born in 2010, Chloe is the cutest and most petite horse on the property (Mikayla's opinion). You can always see her from a mile away with her white face. Chloe can be seen with her best friend Sage. She is calm and steady and willing to take on any challenge thrown her way. 


Trader (Breed: Appaloosa; Height: 15.1h)

Donated by Keven & Spencer Powell- 03/30/03

Sponsored by Chuck and Gwen Hill 

Born in 1999, this guy has been part of HORSEPOWER's herd since he was 4 years old. Steady and accepting, Trader has patiently taught many riders to be more skillful. Trader has been at HORSEPOWER the longest and knows all the tricks in the book! He was even traded for a truck from Crazy Kevin Powell. His tolerant and kind ways make it easy to love him.


Lena (Breed: Quarter Horse; Height: 14.1h)

Donated by Jim & Lynn Burgio- 08/02/19

Sponsored by Christy Whitelaw

Born in 2006, Lena comes from the famous Doc O'Lena lineage, a Quarter Horse stallion and champion cutting horse. She is a smart, handy mare who truly enjoys having a job to do and people to take care of. 


Sunshine (Breed: Quarter Horse; Height: 14.2h)

Purchased by April & Tilden Reed- 02/13/20

Sponsored by True Value Rental

Born in 2011, Sunshine stands out with her caring instinct and gentle spirit. She is always the first to come to the front of her stall to get a little bit of extra attention from anyone visiting the barn.


Cassie (Breed: Morgan; Height: 13.3h)

Purchased on 03/05/20

Sponsored by Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church

Born in 2005, This beautiful paint pony is very forgiving when it comes to her riders and is always willing to meet new friends. She loves to roll in the dirt, hang out with her pasture mates and likes to be groomed.


Kentucky, Aka Tuck (Breed: Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse; Height: 14.1h)

Leased by Judy Burke- 02/28/20

Sponsored by Vicky Neave


Born in 1998, This small Kentucky Mountain Saddle horse is one of the smoothest rides in the barn! Tuck for short! He is known as the "old man" in the barn and will willingly take some of our more difficult riders. When a rider is on his back he is cautious with every step and loves when they scratch his neck.


Willie (Breed: Appendix; Height: 15.2h

Donated by Melissa Waldron- 08/15/20

Sponsored by Melissa Waldron

Born in 2001, Willie is one of the most patient, kind, and willing horses in the barn, all you have to do is ask! He went from race horse, to barrel horse, and finally therapeutic horse. His mother will say he is the #1 horse in the barn and he is current running for first place as the slowest horse in the barn! He really pays attention to what his riders need and will help them as much as he can! Willie is often caught sticking his tongue out at all his favorite people. 


Canel (Breed: Warm Blood; Height: 16.2h)

Donated by Vicky Neave- 05/28/21

Sponsored by Theresa Strever 


Born in 2002 and standing an impressive 16.2 hands, he is tied for tallest horse in the barn! His beauty and kind heart will make you fall in love with him. He is a Danish warm blood and has a lengthy career as a dressage horse. His gentle manners and impressive ground skills will make him perfect for the program.  


Glory (Breed: Quarter Horse; Height: 15h)

Owner Parker Roy- 07/22/21

Sponsored by Roy Family


Born in 2008, this western sweetheart loves to greet anyone with treats. Glory was purchased for her owner as a sweet 16 present, but lives here at HORSEPOWER to help as many riders as she possibly can. Whenever she is out of her stall, she proudly wears her Clemson colors; purple and orange! 


Ramona (Breed: Hanoverian; Height: 15.3h)

Donated by Tammy Batts- 02/13/22

Sponsored by Kathleen Broderick

Born in 2008, Ramona is 15.3 hands tall and is the tallest mare in the barn. She is loving the therapeutic life style and will never say no to having extra neck rubs. Her coat is as soft as velvet and she is as gentle as a bunny. She is often found next to her look-a-like bestie Lena! 


Omar (Breed: Warmblood Draft Cross; Height: 16.2h)

Donated by Renee Caron 11/23/22

Sponsored by The Graven Family


Born in 2014, Omar is one of our tallest horses in the barn and our most curious. He is so smart and loveable, he would curl up on the couch with you. His barn buddy is Canel, together they are the " Big Boys"! His background is in Dressage and he retired because of his unique condition called Shivers.

Sage Head.jpg

Sage (Breed: Appaloosa; Height: 15h)

Donated by Rachel Rodgers 04/17/23

Sponsored by Bayada Habilitation

Born in 2011, Sage is a beautiful red and grey Appaloosa. She loves to make her presence know by talking to all her friends in the barn. Her best friend is Chloe and together they love to chase bunnies out of their pasture. Before coming to HORSEPOWER Sage did lessons for kids, so the therapeutic life isn't too much of an adjustment.


Moonshine aka: Moon (Breed: Morgan; Height: 15h)

Donated by Lori Ludecke 12/13/22

Sponsored by Lori Ludecke


Born in 2009, Moon has big kind eyes and willing to do anything asked of him. He has one of the prettiest tails on the property. Moon isn't afraid to stick his nose out for a few kisses or rest his head on his leaders shoulder. He has a beautiful coat that looks different colors in different lights. Moon loves to talk to anyone that will listen and his neigh will carry throughout the property!

Rocky Vig.jpg

Rocky (Breed: Friesian; Height: 16.1h)

Leased by Judi Fleming 06/02/23

Sponsored by Jim and Lynn Burgio

Born in 2007, Rocky thinks he is a big dog and he prefers to be with humans that will give him belly rubs. His beautiful long flowy mane is like no other in the barn. His big beautiful eyes, long hair, and black fur will make him your favorite in no time. Even though he is not the tallest his huge head makes him seem like giant!


Ada (Breed: Tennessee Walker; Height: 14.3h)

Leased by Maddy Vasbinder 08/09/23

Partially Sponsored by Ameriprise Financial Services

Born in 2003, Ada is a blonde beauty that catches everyone's eye. She has a very unique movement which makes her a perfect therapeutic horse. Ada can be seen with her new buddy Ruby, as long as Ruby doesn't get too close to her hay. 

Scoot 2.jpg

Scooter (Breed: Quarter Horse; Height: 15.1h)

Donated by Alyssa Plante 12/13/23

Sponsored by Caroline North

Born in 2003, Scooter's sweet personality, laid back attitude, and smooth steady gait has made him a favorite among all. Scooter is a "been there done that" horse and you can often find him stopping in class to check in with his rider. He has such a huge heart and loves a good pat on the neck! 

Aztec Main.jpg

Aztec (Breed: Dutch Harness; Height: 15.2h)

Leased by Kaile Rizzo 11/29/23

Sponsored by Chuck & Gwen Hill

Born in 2009, Aztec is such a character with his head-turning good looks and curiosity. He has the silliest personality in the barn, always trying to connect with his leaders, and with a huge heart for his riders. 

Snip Adjusted copy.jpg

Snip (Breed: Welsh Pony; Height: 14h)

Leased by Lisa Merritt 12/08/23

Sponsored by Kathleen Broderick

Born in 2011, Snip is a retired show pony that is such a delight to work with. His kindness, steady willingness, and genuinely good-natured personality have quicky made him a favorite among the staff, volunteers, and riders.  


Marigold (Breed: Morgan;  Height: 14h)

Donated by Kit Connor 04/29/24

Sponsored by Scott & Amy Summerlin

Born in 2014, Marigold is very easy to get along with and willing to do anything asked of her. Her size will make her a great fit for many therapeutic riders. She enjoys posing for photos and making new friends. 

Ruby headshot.jpg

Ruby (Breed: Warmblood  Height: 16.1h)

Donated by Elizabeth Davis 11/01/23

Sponsored by Marilyn Maynard

Born in 2003, Ruby is quick to make a friend --two or four legged. Ruby is so beautiful, and her kind, trusting attitude makes her a top choice for riders. She has demonstrated a willingness to tackle any challenge thrown her way. 

milo- Cat_Mackenzie.jpg

Milo, Barn Cat

Donated by the Universe

Sponsored by Nancy Karukas


This cat loves attention! He pretends like he never gets any love and enjoys helping volunteers in the barn. He is even known to ride around on a volunteer's shoulder during stall cleaning time. Milo is our Barn Manager, Mouse Catcher, and Best Friend to many. We like to say Milo was donated by the universe because there is not another cat quite as unique as this boy.

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