Meet Our Horses

Our horses are the true magic behind our program. Like humans, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses so it's no wonder certain people bond with certain horses. If you are interested in becoming a sponor, please contact us today! 

Snow Angel

Sponsored by Chuck and Gwen Hill 

Snow is a 6-year old Gypsy Vanner and the baby of the barn, this little girl is both smart and always happy to meet new friends - both human and horse. Her calm disposition and accepting ways make it so easy to teach her the important job she will have in the coming years.


This petite paint pony is a confident girl who carries riders who need a shorter horse so their

sidewalkers can be of maximum assistance. And while she is a sweetheart to our riders

and leaders, her horse friends will tell you that small does not mean this girl is not very much in charge.  


Sponsored by Chuck and Gwen Hill 

This guy has been part of HORSEPOWER's herd since he was 3 years old. Steady and accepting, Trader has patiently taught many riders to be more skillful.  His tolerant and kind ways make it easy to love him.


This girl whose blonde beauty catches everyone’s eye, but she isn’t just a pretty face. She is steady and calm, and she can be counted on to build riders’ confidence.


Sponsored by Carolyn Gorga 

Star is a kind-hearted off the track Thoroughbred who came to us in August 2019. Gentle as she is beautiful, Star is already a barn favorite!


Bling is a mature mustang that joined the herd Summer 2018. She eased right into her new role as a therapeutic horse with her patience and steadfast spirit.


This beautiful chestnut quarter horse has two distinct characteristics...both an opinionated nature, so you always know where you stand, and a sense of when a rider is trying his or her best. This guy is how we know horses understand good intentions and act accordingly.  


Sponsored by Barbara Slotnick 


This Suffolk Punch draft has a personality as big as he is! He greats each day with a positive attitude. He is currently spending some time at a different farm with a few friends. 


Sponsored by Micky Truck Bodies, Inc. 

This guy is both kind and athletic. His comfortable gaits allow riders to advance their trotting skills, and his temperament shows that not every Thoroughbred is high-strung. In addition to carrying his riders in class, he is also an instructor favorite for exercise riding.


Sponsored by Jim and Lynn Burgio 

Lena comes from the famous Doc O'Lena lineage, a Quarter Horse stallion and champion cutting horse. She is a smart, handy mare who truly enjoys having a job to do and people to take care of. 


Sponsored by James and Tracy Flori

Sunshine stands out with her caring instinct and gentle spirit. She is always the first to come to the front of her stall to get a little bit of extra attention from anyone visiting the barn.


Don’t let his size fool you! This gentle giant would just love to snuggle up on the couch with you and watch a good movie. His loving and gentle nature have made him a quick instructor

favorite, his bouncy trot and sweet personality is what riders love about him. We are so glad he has joined the herd.


This sweet quarter horse girl is very gentle and willing to work. Sturdy, confident, with one of the smoothest trots in the barn, she is a student favorite! 



Another one of our gentle giants, Dutch is kind and has an excellent work ethic. 

Milo, Barn Cat


This cat loves attention! He pretends like he never gets any love and enjoys helping volunteers in the barn. He is even known to ride around on a volunteer's shoulder during stall cleaning time...

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