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Therapeutic Riding Program (Ages 3 & up)

Each participant has individually designed goals and objectives.  It may be to improve trunk control, hand/eye coordination, following directions or to simply have an enjoyable physical activity. These goals and objectives are a collaboration of our PATH certified instructors, parents, therapist, and/or the participants themselves.  A therapist may be consulted and offer “hands on” assistance in positioning and recommending activities for riders.


All riders benefit from the physical aspects of horseback riding and enjoy the benefits of interacting with our team of volunteers. Our 350+ volunteers are made up of individuals of all ages, ethnicity, and social economic backgrounds.  It is with this diverse group that our participants receive true community inclusion and physical, emotional, and psychological support.


Physically, the walking motion of the horse mimics that of the human gait, forcing the trunk to move in the same fashion. This motion exercises and strengthens the trunk, neck and leg muscles and also produces a calming effect on the rider. The sensory benefits of equine movement can last for hours, days, or as little as 20 minutes. With individuals that have intellectual or psychological challenges, we can use the horse as a modality to work on specific needs and therapeutic benefits. Riders may participate in activities on horseback, performing movements to increase mobility, go for a trail ride, or perform activities such as grooming and leading their equine partner. These activities are geared to improve and support the individual goals of the riders, their families, and external therapies.


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