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Although it would appear a simple task to share my love of HORSEPOWER, it is also a bit complicated. You see, I married into the HORSEPOWER Family. It was a beautiful Quarter Horse with big alluring brown eyes and…. Just making sure you keep reading. No, I fell in love with the Founder & Executive Director and her eyes happen to be green.

I saw quite early on the unbridled commitment from Jan and from everyone that entered our front gate. Volunteers were often on the run from their work or from other responsibilities yet ensuring that they would be available in classes. Many, I learned, had been volunteering for years and they had developed personal relationships with our riders and their families.

Throughout my 19 active years at HORSEPOWER I got to see Jan’s determination to grow, protect, and ensure services to people who live each day at a disadvantage. Our deeply passionate and actively involved Boards of Directors are firmly invested in ensuring the long-term survival of our programs and services. They feel the heartbeat of our nonprofit in every hoofbeat of our equine partners. They share in the vision of HORSEPOWER.

Regardless of one’s association with HORSEPOWER, the one thing you will NEVER EVER doubt; and that is “do I make a difference”. Imagine helping a child or adult to become more independent; more confident; and more accepted by others. We all seek that approval of peers and of those we love and respect. In that moment of change, clients are forever changed and typically able to build on that success as they destroy previously conceived limits.

It cost you nothing but time to volunteer in a class to see firsthand, the miracle that unfolds as horse and rider dissolve into an unstoppable energy of opportunity and hope. For those having financial resources, your gifts help to influence immediate change in your own community. HORSEPOWER has the expertise to meet emerging changes and you have within you the capacity to make a true and positive change in another human being. That’s a terrific acknowledgment of your own humanity.

Please join me in our quest to chase, capture, and realize the dreams of our riders. Praying that each of you is finding a return to opportunity and access as we take hold of our own future!     


- Tim Clifford

Tim and Little Joe

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