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In Fall 2020 I’ve answered an add for part time barn help job. Few hours a week.

Second week on the job, Jan Clifford, the founder and Executive Director off Horsepower said:” I like having you in the barn, do you think you can pick up more days?”


10 months later, I’m here. A lot. And loving every minute off it.

As a Barn supervisor, I’m able to share my passion for hoses. Care for them and share my knowledge with Voulenteer who are working hard to make our horses feel their best and the barn looks squeaky clean. As a P.A.T.H Certified Instructor in Training, I have the opportunity to learn and help others overcome all kinds off life challenges, making them feel better about themselves, stronger and richer. Makes me feel better.

Horsepower is a wonderful place. Come see us. You’ll feel good.

Martina and William

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