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Super Kage


Brother. Son. Superhero


Mr. Kagey is a mommas boy with a whole lotta love in his family he has three brothers and one sister. A few of Kages favorite things are Batman and elephants! Kage was born having a floppy appearance and a hard time keeping food down as an infant. He was unable to hold himself up and had difficulty crawling until much later. At Kage's two year check up it was very apparent things were not fine. He was always so happy but extremely delayed. At that time we received referrals to a wonderful Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician. They and the team at Advance Pediatrics have been absolutely essential in our fight for answers. Kage was diagnosed with global developmental delay early on. Evaluations by Pediatric Neurology and Neurosurgery found Kage to have Chiari Malformation and a tethered cord . We then proceeded with genetic testing that uncovered Noonan Syndrome, a link to many of his underlying symptoms. Kage has underwent significant surgeries including brain and spinal surgeries. Thanks to Kages team we have now worked with countless specialists that helped Kage progress to where he is now. Our therapy journey has included PT, OT, Speech and now Equestrian therapy with Trader. Kage has continued to progress and is doing better than we would ever imagine. We could not be more proud of his progress. Kage is the happiest and bravest boy you will ever meet.

Kage and Trader

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