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I LOVE Horsepower! It is the best horse riding place in the world! The instructors are really nice and have helped me learn a lot. My favorite things are trotting and going on trail rides. Horsepower is my favorite place to work too and I have been a volunteer for the last 6 months. As a volunteer, I like helping clean the barn, rinsing feed bowls, feeding Milo (a.k.a. the cutest barn cat) and helping with the hay nets, No stall is too messy for this kid. I have built a really special bond with the horses with riding and visiting them when I volunteer. I love all of the horses but I am really close with Justin. He is the best horse in the world! He likes to rub his head against me and he always enjoys it when I scratch behind his ears. One thing that Justin and I have in common is our shared love of popsicles on hot days in the barn. I want people to donate to Horsepower because they are doing really great things for kids like me. I want them to continue helping even more kids and for them to have all of the supplies they need to take care of all of their amazing horses.


Isaac and Justin

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