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HORSEPOWER is Graham’s home away from home- a place he feels safe and comfortable and a place he can open-up and be himself. We found HORSEPOWER during a tough summer for Graham last year- he was struggling with anxiety and a lot of fears and we were looking at any and every avenue of help we could provide to him. We reached out to HORSEPOWER and they were so kind and understanding from the start and let us come tour the barn and facility. Graham was absolutely smitten with the horses as soon as he laid his eyes on them. Graham’s worries were gone when we were in the barn and I watched him replace those worries with pure joy.


Graham was able to begin riding just a few months later in October of 2022. He has had the privilege of riding Red, Cody and Tuck. He has found therapy in caring for the horses before he rides and feels confident and at ease through his lessons. Graham loves to give them a thank you rub on the head and let them sniff him on the hand when he ends each riding lesson. We love to visit and talk with the horses in their stalls when Graham is not riding. Graham has been able to set and accomplish goals through HORSEPOWER, which has helped him build independence and confidence. Horseback riding is now Graham’s passion and he looks forward to seeing his horse buddies, his side walkers and his leaders each Saturday morning. Thank you, HORSEPOWER, for providing this amazing opportunity for Graham!

Graham and Cody

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