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Annabelle started with HORSEPOWER as soon as she turned three and horseback riding is one of the best highlights of her week! Over the past four years of riding she’s rode Trixie, Sunshine and Moonshine.


Annabelle suffers from a rare genetic disease called Propionic Acidemia, and because dangerous toxins built up in her blood at birth she suffered some brain damage, mainly affecting her speech and motor planning capabilities. She also received a liver transplant when she was 10 months old so she’s spent a lot of time in the hospital. Horsepower is a much needed break from all the pokes, doctor visits, and hospital stays. 


Annabelle uses an Augmentative Communication (AAC) device to communicate and blows everyone away with how well she navigates her device at only 7 years old. She participates with Perry Flynn's Speech in Motion program where she not only rides her horse, but also works on speech goals with speech pathology grad students from UNCG. This program has been so great for her speech, her core strength, and her social skills! She loves puddles so you might find her at the stables asking Mr. Perry to make her some puddles to jump in! You might also find her trying to sneak into the tack room to find her favorite brushes or to look for Milo. 


Annabelle and Moonshine

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