I can see improvements in her balance

Macie is 5 1/2 and a perinatal stroke survivor. She has just completed her first session at Horsepower, and I can see improvements in her balance, trunk strength and control, and confidence.

Ashley Collier, Parent of Macie
Testimonials masonic home for children

This day of opportunity helped all of our children

Dear Mr. Clifford and the staff and volunteers at the Horsepower Therapeutic Learning Center,

It was a great day for our kids and an even better day to remember, thanks to you and your staff and the family of volunteers and Masons who hosted our kids on July 27, 2013 at your center.   ... read more

The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford extends to you our thanks for a wonderful experience, a first for many, and a chance for our children to enjoy the beauty and fascination of horses.  Your program offers so much, to so many, and we are humbled to be included in your charity.  This day of opportunity helped all of our children, impacting them in many ways, positively and with the hope that some will find this experience even more, possible a new appreciation and enthusiasm for animals that will last well beyond their time here.  This is the gift that you provided on this day and for that we are deeply grateful.

Special thanks to Mr. Clifford, who worked for some time now with our Home to make this trip something great for our kids.  Not only was this a fun day, it was a new opportunity and our Home strives to provide different and unique learning experiences to complement our mission.  This was a wonderful example of giving to the entire purpose of our Home and those it serves.  If there are others we can acknowledge for this day and its success, please do not hesitate to contact me and forward this information.  For the food, the time, the work, the funds, and the entire event, thank you all, for adding to the lives and memories of our children. Please keep in touch and come and see us again soon.

Chris S. Richardson, The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford

Watching the kids reach their goals and improve each week is so rewarding

I am a sidewalker and leader for Horsepower.  I've only been volunteering here for 5 weeks,  for three hours a week. I volunteered for another therapeutic riding center near my house  that also runs under PATH guidelines. I started volunteering there because I love special needs  children, and I've grown up with horses and love them more

Therapeutic riding is a perfect  combination for two huge passions in my life. I am now a freshman at UNCG and I am taking a  political science class that has a service learning qualification, which means I have to have 25  hours of community service outside of the class. Horsepower is close to school and I was  already trained so it was the perfect place. I also want to be an occupational therapist so I  can teach at a therapeutic riding center. Horsepower enriches my life every week. I can have  hours of school work left to do, and an exam to study for but volunteering with the kids is  therapy for me. Seeing the joy and excitement that the kids get from riding is the highlight.  Watching the kids reach their goals and improve each week is so rewarding. Even once I  fulfill my service learning hours I will continue to volunteer, to help the kids but also so I get  my weekly therapy!

Miranda Booth, Volunteer
Testimonials Rachel

Rachel has a very special bond

Rachel has a very special bond with her horse leader, Nancy Young. The two of them have lots of little conversations and as a mom, it is wonderful to see a person take such positive interest in my child. Nancy really takes special care to make Rachel feel special.   ... read more

All the new volunteers look to the experienced volunteers for guidance in working with the kids, and it is very much appreciated as a parent to see how much all the volunteers truly love their work at HORSEPOWER.

Rachel has mastered a sitting trot and is excelling at a posting trot. She is doing very well with independently steering her horse and spend the majority of some lessons off lead. She currently rides Brandy.

Scott & Karen Johnson, Parents of Rachel
Testimonials Anna

There are no words to truly explain

There are no words to truly explain how important horse riding has been to Anna. She enjoys having the same volunteers each session. The kids really do get attached to the adults who work with them and those adults become part of their discussions at home and part of their lives!  ... read more

Nick goes above and beyond for Anna. He even has braiding skills! We appreciate the encouragement the volunteers have given Anna over the years. Thank You!

Anna has mastered the sitting trot and is working on a posting trot. She has truly mastered steering her horse independently and spends the majority of her lessons off lead. She currently rides Clipper.

Scott & Karen Johnson, Parents of Anna

It is pure joy to see these children love the experience of riding

My experience at Horsepower has been wonderful! I hope to get more involved as time goes on and as my schedule allows. I began working with exceptional needs people in the 1980's. I used to ride horses as a teen and loved riding. My work as a special educator has taken me to several jobs working with varied levels of disabilities among students.  ... read more

My favorite was working with people with moderate to severe disabilities. My current job, working with students with learning disabilities and other mild impairments is rewarding in many ways, but I do miss working with people with more moderate to severe disabilities. I heard about Horsepower many years ago, but my own children were little and my schedule didn't allow me to volunteer at Horsepower. I have known for several years that Horsepower was the place I wanted to volunteer. This fall I finally called to inquire about the volunteering opportunities. Jess answered the phone and told me they were having training that night. I was so excited. I went to the training that evening!

I have been volunteering at horsepower for only a little over a month. I love it! The kids I walk for are the population of kids I miss teaching. They might not be able to communicate fully, but you can see the joy on their faces when they are high upon the horse. They squeal with delight! They also gain physical strength. They work on physical skills, communication skills, and sensory skills. It is so uplifting to watch and be a part of this process.

Another great gift this experience serves is to be unplugged. I am totally present in the moment with that child and that horse. My phone is in the car. No one can reach me for that hour. I am not in a hurry; I am not worried about anything else. Everything else is out of my mind. I also wear double hearing aids and this is a quiet place that gives my ears a rest. Horsepower gives me the opportunity to be near horses and work with children at the same time. I highly recommend it to anyone who is comfortable around horses and children with disabilities. It is pure joy to see these children love the experience of riding a horse and get needed therapies at the same time.

Sue Tanahey, Volunteer
Testimonials Kathryn

all smiles for those 45 minutes when she is riding

We are so thankful for this program and all the staff and volunteers at HORSEPOWER, who gives their time to make this possible. We are also thankful to all the people and companies who donate money to HORSEPOWER. Kathryn is always very excited about her Monday riding session.   ... read more

She LOVES being on the horse and is all smiles for those 45 minutes when she is riding. We cannot thank everyone involved enough for helping bring such JOY to Kathryn. She is improving at "steering" the horse and she also 2 points well! She is currently riding Bandido.

Tara & Kyle Lawrence, Parents of Kathryn
Testimonials Addie

HORSEPOWER will always be a part of her life

It is hard to imagine Addie's life without HORSEPOWER. I believe this is at least year 12 but would love to know for sure:). Thank you for ALWAYS being there for Addie. Thank you for always encouraging her and knowing what is best. ... read more

She ADORES you all and I know that HORSEPOWER will always be a part of her life. Addie is improving her TROT! At least that is what she says:) I know there must be lost more because you guys would not allow her to trot if she was not ready.

Ila Rosenthal & Jeff Katz, Parents of Addie
Testimonials Sylvia

You have given me purpose to go on

I would like to thank the wonderful staff and volunteers for the MANY long, tiring and sometimes thankless hours that they put in each and every day at HORSEPOWER. This allows us, as clients, to have a facility that gives us a chance not to give up. ... read more

I was at the point (toxic chemical exposure results) that I was ready to give up. But...each of you knew so much more! I am so thankful that I was offered such an opportunity and facility to help begin a recovery. I may never be 100%, but you have given me a purpose to go on and a reason to believe.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas but most of all. God Bless each of you for coming into my life!

Sylvia Baird

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