Our Students

We operate three kinds of programs: one  is therapeutic riding for individuals with disabilities, another is designed to for able-bodied individuals and the last is our Personal Achievement Through Horses (PATH) 


Therapeutic Riding Students

We provide horseback riding activities for children and adults three and older. We work with students that have a variety of disabilities ranging from autism, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and brain injuries as well as emotional and learning disabilities. Our student base comes from Guilford and Forsyth counties and is derived primarily from the following:

Schools – Public and Private schools throughout Guilford and Forsyth Counties

Groups – Residential Centers and Day Programs

Individuals – Referrals through Guilford county mental health, therapists, counselors or families wishing to provide therapeutic riding benefits for individuals with disabilities.

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Able-Bodied Individuals

We have a number of program options designed for able-bodied students. We host corporate team-building activities, horsemanship instruction, riding lessons, and youth riding camps.  These programs are affiliated with groups such as:

Schools – Oak Ridge Military Academy

Corporations – We have worked with numerous companies in the area, including American Express, Novartis, Greensboro College, Kay Chemical, Syngenta and ACC Group.

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Personal Achievement Through Horses (PATH)

Many kids have learning disabilities, low self-esteem, conduct problems, and other issues that make them “At-Risk” adolescents. They are troubled youth who are “At-Risk” for various negative outcomes ranging from mild to severe. Examples include truancy, grade failure, drug and/or alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, suicide, and emotional and/or psychological disturbances. Most have not had the modeling in their life one generally needs to develop behavior patterns and skills to help them negotiate life conflicts.

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