December16th 4:00-6:00 pm 

Please email Mikayla to register!

Administrative & Operational Opportunities

  • Fund Raising: Corporate Giving, Capital Campaigns, Clubs & Organizations, Horse Clubs, Foundations & Grants, Gifts In Kind, Special events

  • Long Range Planning: provide your insight and expertise to promote a successful program for the next decade by identifying special events, marketing and communications

  • Public Relations & Marketing – press releases, obtain media coverage, write proposals

  • Rider Recruitment: solicit new clients both individuals & organizations

  • Volunteer Recruitment & Oversight: recruit for riding program, special events & office help

  • Office Help: mailers, databases, organization, data entry

  • Construction Projects: fencing, building sheds, painting

Non Profit Guidance Opportunities

  • If you have the qualifications below, we could really use your help!

  • You have experience in non-profits and can help mentor our capital giving campaign project or our annual giving campaign project.

  • You have experience in non-profits and can help with our building/facility improvement projects.

  • You can help us get the community involved on a financial level.

  • You know how to write grants and can advise our grant writing team.

Volunteer - You can make the difference!

We are so pleased you are interested in becoming a HORSEPOWER volunteer!  It is because of your dedication and caring that many people with disabilities are able to participate in this unique and enriching program.  In addition, we believe your life will be enhanced by your experiences at HORSEPOWER.


Come and experience, first-hand, the pride and personal satisfaction of knowing that you are helping individuals with special needs accomplish their personal goals, increase their self-esteem and enhance their quality of life.

Horse Related Volunteer Opportunities

  • Leader: responsible for and constantly aware of the horse, additional training and experience required. (Age 16 and up).

  • Sidewalker: Helps the rider with balance and reinforces instructions during the lesson.  The sidewalker is constantly aware of the rider and is responsible for their safety when mounting, riding and in the arena. Additional training is required (Ages 14 and up).

  • Class Assistant: Helps instructors with activities during class, may help take notes or assist sidewalkers. (Age 13 and up)

  • Barn Team: Get "up close & personal" with our equine partners! assist with bring-in and turn out, feeding, stall cleaning, refilling water buckets, and restocking hay bags! (Ages 11 & up)

  • Volunteer Captain: Helps train new volunteers at orientation and during the session, helps coordinate volunteers for special events, and meets with the staff  to evaluate the program from the volunteers’ point of view.

  • Community Outreach Assistant: Assist the volunteer coordinator by attending community outreach events and fundraisers. You will help hand out flyers and talk to people in the community to spread the word about HORSEPOWER. These events are not regular please email Mikayla for the next one! 

  • Instructor Training: If you are a certified instructor or would like to become one we would love to have you on our team.  More instructors mean we can offer more hours of therapeutic classes and thus reach more students.  Please contact Jan Clifford at or 336-931-1424 if you are interested.

  • Assorted Services and Projects: Tack cleaning and repair, carpentry, electrical and plumbing services, poster design, and taking pictures are a few of the opportunities available.  Special workdays are held periodically and especially prior to a special event to spruce up the grounds and the horses.

Copying Patrol

It may sound simple, but we very much need donations of time and materials related to copying.

  • Free copying to advertise our organization

  • Free copying for critical volunteer training manuals

  • Free copying of monthly/quarterly newsletters

  • One time events copying

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