These volunteers have gone out of there way to be here or put in an impressive amount of hours!
mallory hash.jpg

Mallory has volunteered over 650 hours since March 2017. She is always willing to come in (even weekends) as long as it's not before 10:00 am! 


Lee has volunteered over 515 hours since October 2015. She has done more than help in therapeutic classes and continues to surprise us with her talents! Brandy is often a favorite of Lee and Lee is always eager to lead the ol'gal.

gene and cody.jpeg
Gene has volunteered over 138 hours, not just in classes but at our new facility helping to complete the build! He has been a huge help in getting our forever home perfect!
"I moved to Thomasville North Carolina the first week of June from North Georgia Mountains to be with my sister.
I was home really home sick until I started volunteering at HORSEPOWER Therapeutic Horse Farm. From day one they welcome me with open arms and treated me like I was family.
The people that works there are very knowledgeable about horse care and therapy for those children. Watching those kids get on those horses with their disabilities and see the change in their face is such an incredible blessing. Everyone from Jan on down to volunteers put their whole heart into it and it shows."
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emma j.jpg

Christy and Emma, one of our mother and daughter teams! Both have volunteered since May 2014. Pride was a favorite for Emma and she had to love on her every time they were out. Christy has worked in the 6:45 Thursday class with Penny for the last 4 years and has come to know the riders and their families and just love them. Early on, Christy always felt comfortable leaving Emma there to help during the camps or in the classes because everyone was so kind and it was a safe environment. “I was blessed to be able to take the HORSEPOWER Facebook page and begin really driving the fans/followers for the first significant time by engaging and having my camera on-hand all of the time to post pics of the goings-on. Jan asked that I oversee the first Fall Festival and we were happily very successful out-of-the-gate. I helped her create graphics for the Auction each year as well. Since then, I haven’t been as actively involved on the marketing side as others have come in to handle that more internally (which is a good thing for HORSEPOWER), but I have continued to lead as needed. We love it out there and don’t see stopping our engagement any time!”

jordyn and half-trac.jpg

Jordyn has volunteered over 165 hours since January 2017. Her love and connection to Halftrac is known throughout the barn. She is always willing to come in at a moment's notice, and we are forever grateful! 

"I believe HORSEPOWER isn't just therapeutic for its riders, but for the volunteers as well.

I look forward to my classes every week not only because I love being around the horses and people, but also because it helps me unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

When I leave HORSEPOWER, I may tired, but I'm always in good mood."

sarah may.jpg

Sarah May has been with the HORSEPOWER family since June 2014 and has logged over 240 hours. She will happily take any horse and rider combination and make new friends by the end of class. She not only helps in therapeutic classes, but can be found around the barn and office. She will be heading off to college soon and we won't know what to do without her!