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We are lucky enough to see the magic of what horses can do for humans in our every day lives.  We want to hear about your stories and how HORSEPOWER has enhanced your life!

STORY SPOTLIGHT:  Caroline's Story

Before coming to HORSEPOWER, I suffered from extreme social anxiety and depression. I decided to try HORSEPOWER a year ago and I loved it! My 3rd lesson I fell off the horse while dismounting and broke my ankle and had to have surgery. The only time I got really upset was when the doctor told me I couldn't ride for a while. But 8 week post surgery I was back on the horse, Brody! I am so glad and thankful HORSEPOWER is in my life. HORSEPOWER has literally changed my life. I went from laying in bed 24/7 to learning how to barrel race. I would like to thank everyone at HORSEPOWER and especially thank Miss Penny for being my instructor and having a special bond with me!

~Caroline Rakes

Rachel has a very special bond with her horse leader, Nancy Young. The two of

them have lots of little

conversations and as a mom,

it is wonderful to see a

person take such positive

interest in my child. Nancy

really takes special care to 

make Rachel feel special.  

All the new volunteers look

to the experienced volunteers for guidance in working with the kids, and it is very much appreciated as a parent to see how much all the volunteers truly love their work at HORSEPOWER.


Rachel has mastered a sitting trot and is excelling at a posting trot. She is doing very well with independently steering her horse and spend the majority of some lessons off lead. She currently rides Brandy. ~Scott & Karen Johnson, Parents of Rachel

Macie is 5 1/2 and a perinatal stroke survivor. She has just completed her first

session at HORSEPOWER,

and  I can see improvements in

her balance, trunk strength

and control, and confidence.

 ~Ashley Collier,

Parent of Macie

I would like to thank the wonderful staff and volunteers for the MANY long, tiring and sometimes thankless hours that they put in each and every day at HORSEPOWER.

This allows us, as clients, to have a

facility that gives us a chance not to

give up. I was at the point (toxic chemical

exposure results) that I was ready to

give up. But...each of you knew so much

more! I am so thankful that I was

offered such an opportunity and facility

to help begin a recovery. I may never be

100%, but you have given me a purpose to go on and a reason to believe.

 ~Sylvia Baird

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