HORSEPOWER means so much to me. It has inspired in me the love of horses and community service. I have been riding for ten years, since I was four, and my riding has greatly expanded with the instruction of three awesome instructors to the point where I am confident to walk and trot independently. The partnerships I have made with seven special horses over the ten years I have been here is amazing and I will never forget them. They all have unique personalities and have furthered my riding skills.

The picture above is one of me and my current horse, Sunshine. She is truly sunshine to everyone she encounters, and she shines a ray of light and hope into everyone’s lives. While quick and lively, she is so gentle and forgiving, and has really furthered my riding skills in the four weeks I have ridden her.

As a barn volunteer, I have learned to muck stalls and perform other barn chores, all the while finding the love, connection, and joy horses give you and especially the ones here at HORSEPOWER. They are always ready and willing to serve any student, volunteer, or staff member and always give their hearts every day. I am happy to give back and will continue to work with horses as long as I can. HORSEPOWER is truly a wonderful place, and one I will never forget.

Rachel Johnson

Rachel and Sunshine


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