Even though I have been at HorsePower for more than ten years, the magic of it comes back every week. As a rider and volunteer, I have a unique perspective coming from both sides of the HorsePower community. I receive the magic of the horse from riding and give the magic of the horse through volunteering, gaining riding skills while giving others a positive experience that will influence their life
positively. As I rider, I have learned so much. All of the instructors I have had each give a unique perspective relevant to the riding skills I are working on. My riding skills have grown so much over the last few years. This year I have been expanding my skills on subtle riding cues and fine tuning the ones I already know. Additionally, all the horses I have ridden have each given me different skills and taught me so much, from the shorter-term horses like Fiona to the longer-term horses like Tank, Sunshine, or Cody. While I am currently riding Sunshine, I have gotten to ride Fiona once. She is awesome and while
shy, she is so sweet. Her big stride really makes me feel truly connected with her. As a volunteer, I really do get as much as I give. The time is so worth the smiles and laughter of a child overcoming their disability, whether it is overcoming the hesitation on the bumpy trail or steering his horse correctly without help from the sidewalker. Additionally, being a barn volunteer gives you the opportunity to get up close with the horses learning skills such as feeding and mucking. I treasure HorsePower so much and am grateful to be part of this amazing community.

Rachel and Sunshine