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I guess you could say that I’m relatively new to HORSEPOWER Therapeutic Riding Center.  I began last summer riding Bling with Ms. Jean and the awesome volunteer side walkers and leaders.  However, this was not my first time on a horse.  I eagerly hopped on a horse at a friend’s birthday party when I was four years old and at a Caldwell Academy festival when I was five years old.  A few months before my eighth birthday, I was diagnosed with metachromatic leukodystrophy and underwent a bone marrow transplant aimed at slowing progression of this horrible disease.  Now, riding horses is a type of therapy for me.  Although I would much prefer drama and dance classes instead my various therapies, I like Horsepower because I get to be outside and see Sunshine, the horse I was riding before Covid-19 stopped my lessons. 


Most importantly, Horsepower helps me to feel “normal”.  I started Girl Scouts at age six, again before my MLD diagnosis.  Last fall my Troop started working on the horseback riding badge.  Unfortunately, because of my physical limitations after transplant, I was unable to ride with my Troop at the Tanglewood Stables.  However, Ms. Jean, my Horsepower teacher and a former Girl Scout Leader, made sure that I could work on the badge during my therapy sessions.  In fact, it was her idea.  Ms. Jean even met with me on a Friday afternoon, outside of my normal therapy time, with two other volunteers, Barbara and Nicole to finish up the badge requirements.  Thanks to their generosity and knowledge, I joined my Troop at Tanglewood knowing more about horses than anyone in my Troop!   Even though I couldn’t ride at Tanglewood, Horsepower and Ms. Jean gave me the confidence to join my Troop there to finish up the badge requirements.  HORSEPOWER with their dedicated teachers, caring volunteers and amazing horses empowers me to be me.


Meredith Ferree

Meredith and Sunshine

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