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What does Horsepower mean to our family?


Marissa has been wanting to ride a horse for the past few years. We were really excited when we found out that HORSEPOWER was in a new location--High PoInt. That was much closer to our house than the previous location. She started in the fall of 2019. After the first several sessions we noticed that she was calmer and that she was handling her emotions better. She really bonded with her horse and looked forward to her weekly sessions. She talked about her horse at home and I think she felt that he needed her. She loved telling others about her horse. One of the goals was to help her with her anxiety, but we were surprised that it happened within the first several weeks and that it was not just while she was riding, but that we saw the calming effect at home.


Marissa was very sad when HORSEPOWER had to close because of COVID 19 and will be glad whenever she is able to return. This is a great program with so many benefits! She not only learned the basics of riding, but also how to care for her horse. The staff are wonderful and the facility is beautiful.

Marissa and Oscar

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