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Hello ,

My name is Mackenzie Jarvis .

I was born in China and adopted in 2018 .

I have Cerebral Palsy , but it doesn’t define me .

I am so happy to be able to come to HORSEPOWER and ride! It is the highlight of my week . I think it is the best day ever when I can come ride . I have been blessed to come and ride for 8 months !

I met this amazing horse named Sunshine , and she is MY sunshine . I feel on top of the world when she lets me ride . She is kind and gentle and is patient when I Iose my balance and slide a little . She is never jumpy . She even kisses me and I kiss her back! She must be the sweetest horse ever!

I am so thankful for HORSEPOWER and the wonderful people who work and volunteer there . They have helped me with my posture , balance and confidence . They also help me with speech and always encourage me so sweetly . My Mom can tell a BIG difference in my willingness to hold things ( I don’t have the best grip as I have motor apraxia too ).

I am able to transfer items from one hand to the next and hold them much longer than before . I am learning a lot of things about getting on and off of Sunshine which is super helpful when I try to walk up and down stairs independently . My endurance has increased too , before I was all floppy , and Now I am stronger! And I am included and part of something truly special . All thanks to HORSEPOWER.

Everyone is so kind and thoughtful and always cheer me on ! They make me smile and I think they like me a lot . They’ve even made great attempts to learn Chinese, so I can understand them better !  This makes me smile too !! They are all so special and such wonderful helpers .

I pray that HORSEPOWER will always be here for me as well as others so that other children will have the same opportunity as me .


Affectionately ,

Mackenzie Yunshi Jarvis

Number one fan of HORSEPOWER 💜💜

Mackenzie and Sunshine

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