In 2013 the HORSEPOWER Foundation was formed to provide funding to support HORSEPOWER Inc and to purchase and build a home for the organization.  As you know, HORSEPOWER purchased 38 acres and built our current facility.  We raised the funds as we went so, we would not have to worry about debt and the possibility of losing our home.  HORSEPOWER has been operating on this facility for two years. The 10 acres that adjoins one side of the 38 acres has come up for sale.  This property has about 4 acres that is cleared, the remaining 6 acres is wooded with approximately 4 acres that is wetlands.  The seller of this land has agreed to sell it to us for $100,000 if we can close by the end of the year.  We know this is a very short timeline, but the HORSEPOWER Foundation board believes that we should purchase this land and has pledged $59,000 toward the purchase.  After our original plea we received $31,000 more in donations.  We need to raise additional pledges of $10,000.



 There are three main reasons we would like to have this property purchased and protected.

•             We would like to protect the integrity of our facility by keeping the perimeter in its natural state and allow our horses and facility to operate without disruption and detrimental activity to our program.

•             The 4 acres that is cleared on the property would be ideal for a rotation pasture for our program horses. 

•             The six acres that is wooded and wetlands would be left natural except for maintained walking trails.


We are asking for your support in the investment of HORSEPOWER so we can grow our programs. Please share with your friends and help us to make this purchase for our future.  

Land Acquisition


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