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In November of 2019 I reached out to find out about volunteering at Horsepower, what I didn’t know when I made that call was that I was finding my happy place. Horsepower means joy, acceptance and an incredible amount of love for every horse and person whether you are a volunteer or a rider that come through the barn doors. When I joined the Horsepower family I couldn’t have guessed the impact this place would have on me. I have had the chance to move from a volunteer to staff and an instructor in training and have learned more than I ever imagined! It doesn’t matter whether I’m working with one of my classes or helping in the barn it is always the best part of my day and seeing the joy that the horses bring to all of the riders and volunteers is priceless!

Picking a favorite horse is nearly impossible, their willingness to give so much of themselves to the riders makes them all so special. But there are two in particular that are extra special. Dutch was the gentle giant, and absolutely stole my heart with his strength and openness. Dunbar on the other hand is all spunk and sassiness, he has taught me so much during my lessons with him, his eagerness to please and excitement for anything new makes riding him so much fun.

Kathryn (Kat) and Dunbar

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