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All horses are special and extraordinary to me, but I am grateful for the love and connection from this amazing horse-Dunbar. Now for over 10 years, we have continued to share a beautiful relationship of caring, loving, respecting, and giving our hearts to one another. This unconditional love has helped me, as well as our riders at HORSEPOWER, through life’s journey and through times when no words needed to be spoken. Nevertheless, the inner peace of the horse was ever present and the connection was real.

Each day at HORSEPOWER, our riders and volunteers have the unique ability to connect with a horse, a horse that chooses them as much as we choose the horse. A community where everyone gives their time and talents, but even more so, gives their heart and has the willingness to serve our riders. As an instructor at HORSEPOWER, I get to see firsthand the impact of the horses on our riders. It is my privilege to be a part of such a great experience each and every day, and to witness the POWER of the horse.

Jean Martin

Jean and Dunbar

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