“I LOVE Horsepower!  It is the best horse riding place in the world!  The instructors are really nice and have helped me learn a lot. They really care about us as riders and they want to keep us safe while helping us have fun.  Riding has helped my coordination and it has helped me feel more included. I have made a lot of friends during my riding classes. I feel confident now because I can do things that I never thought I would be able to do.  Riding at Horsepower is something that I really look forward to and when I am riding my horse, I feel brave because I get to do something really cool.  I want people to donate to Horsepower because they are doing really great things for kids like me.  I want them to continue doing lots of classes and helping even more kids while also having the supplies they need to take care of all of their horses.  I love all of the horses at Horsepower!“

Isaac, Age 8

Isaac and Ghetti


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