Horse Power
By Heidi Knoll
My experience at Horse Power this year was incredible. Being around the horses is so much fun! At Horse Power you will have and experience you will never forget!

What I did at Horse Power?
I did lots of things, such as, scrubbing water buckets, scrubbing feed buckets, mucking horse stalls, riding, and having FUN!

What Horse Power is?
Horse Power is a horse farm and a therapeutic riding center.

What you can do for Horse Power?
What you can do for Horse Power is donate, or volunteer.

Who is my favorite Horse?
His name is Mr. Mojo! He is an old plow horse.

People you might meet at Horse Power?
If you volunteer at Horse Power, here are some people you might meet: Jan, the owner, Emily and Mikayla (the barn boss).

I learned so much here and you will too!!

Heidi and Mojo