I love HorsePOWER because they have many horses. My favorite horses are Snow Angel, Trixie, and Cassie, along with a barn cat named Milo, who are all black and white. I have been coming to HorsePOWER since I was a baby because my sissies ride here too. I helped Adam with feeding and filling feed bowls. I am a volunteer and a rider. I work in the barn by mucking, filling feed bowls, scooping stuff out of the water buckets and sometimes filling up the water buckets for the horses. I sometimes like to help tack the horses but that was before the Coronavirus. I ride in the class SOHL Sisters. SOHL stands for Sisterhood of Horse Lovers. I also like making friends at HorsePOWER, like my friend, Emily, who is another rider.



Emily and Milo


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