Why I Like HorsePower:

By: Emily Johnson


Hi, my name is Emily.  HorsePower is the best!  I love Cassie, the horse I ride, and of course, Milo, the cat!  If I had a choice of an activity, I would pick HorsePower!  I like ALL the horses.  I am nine years old, and I am in third grade.  My sisters, Anna and Rachel, LOVE riding and working at HorsePower and I LOVE riding and being at HorsePower too!  In my lessons, I do posting trot and I am practicing halting from the seat.  I have to feel my hips move back and forth.  And I am doing two-point as well.  Thinking about HorsePower is the best!



Thanks so, so, much HorsePower!

Emily, Milo, & Cassie