HORSEPOWER is a horse therapy that you can ride and learn about horses. You can learn to control and go on trails with your horse. You can groom your horse like clean them brush them and put their tack on. 

My horse's names are Cody and Halftrack they are my favorite horses and I had them since day 1. My horses make me feel happy and calm. HORSEPOWER has done so much for me like helping me with my balance and strength. I have been going for 3 years and HORSEPOWER has changed me so much it feels like I started just yesterday.

Thank you HORSEPOWER you have changed me for the better. Oh, I forgot to mention they have camps where you clean the stalls and help the people of HORSEPOWER out. I would really recommend this for all kids and they are so nice to me. Thanks again HORSEPOWER wish for the best! 


-Connor O (age 11)

Connor, Cody, and Halftrack