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HORSEPOWER, to me, can be summed up in three words: Trust, love and healing.

Let me use Mojo, our Belgian draft gelding as an example. Mojo came to us with evidence of a very hard life. His deep scars tell a sad story. We know he was a plow horse and everywhere the leather driving lines touched his skin, a scar remains. Mojo had no reason to ever trust a human after his unkind treatment. Who’d blame him? But one look into his deep, soulful eyes and you’d know he wanted to trust. He just wasn’t sure how.

With much patience, love and kindness bestowed upon Mojo by the staff and volunteers, Mojo started to heal. He started to trust us as we trusted him. But the big question was would he make for a safe and confident therapeutic horse? We introduced things to Mojo that he had never seen before. A ramp, wheelchairs, beanbags, activity boards and more. We rode him, we assured him and most importantly we had confidence in him.

Today, Mojo is a beloved favorite at HORSEPOWER. And in turn Mojo has become the healer. We all have scars, some invisible, and some not. And like Mojo those scars might never go away but with love, trust and healing a relationship between horse and rider is formed.

When I look into the eyes of the children who attend our program and I see how much they have been through in their sweet, precious lives, and I see the pain and fear melt away as soon as they sit atop their favorite horse, well---that is the magic of HORSEPOWER. I see their parents take a collective deep breath of relief knowing their child is safe with us. That means the world to me. It brings me to grateful tears.

HORSEPOWER brings trust.

HORSEPOWER brings love.

HORSEPOWER brings healing.

I feel blessed every time I am here. Thank you in advance for your support. Every dollar counts for the horse care and the kids…it all matters.


Thank you, Colleen Callahan

Colleen and Mojo

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