Horsepower. The name itself says it all: using the power of equine therapy to help those who need it. Ever since I started, the people there have been so nice and gentle with me. The horses are amazing, too. Beauties of all kinds fill the stables, from Snow Angel, the lovely black and white mare with the wavy mane, to Mojo, the tall, timid gelding with the beautiful scars and the loving attitude. Each one rides differently, from being smooth trotters and slow walkers to those with quite the spring in their step and the bounce in their trot. I recommend this place to anyone who loves horses or animals in general and to those who are in need of loving, therapeutic horses to help relieve their stress or help with any other issues they might have. Horsepower is a special place for special people and special horses. They’ll make you feel special, too!


by Christine Littleton

Christine and Cody


    HORSEPOWER Therapeutic Learning Center

    4537 Walpole Rd

    High Point, NC 27265, USA

    phone: (336) 931-1424



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