When I think about Horsepower I think about the fun and excitement I have at their Speech in Motion Program!  Tuesday mornings are the one morning a week where I don’t go to preschool, but instead get to come hang out with my pony Trixie!! 

She’s a spunky little pony with a big personality; but hey, I have a big personality too!!  Trixie and I are the perfect pair! Mom and Dad say me going to Horsepower is therapy, but it doesn’t feel like work like some of the other therapies I have during the week. 

What makes Horsepower even more fun is that I hang out with Mr. Perry from UNCG and his speech pathology graduate students.  I get one-two graduate students each semester all to myself!!  I am mostly non-verbal, but I can communicate very quickly using a communication app on my iPad.  I teach these students skills on how to work with children with AAC devices, and I get more speech therapy in the process.  Most of this therapy happens during an hour of classroom time after my horse riding session, but they work on communication while I’m riding Trixie too!  Mr. Perry has buttons attached to the jacket of the pony that I can push to initiate communication.  I really like pushing the button for “walk on,” but the “woah” button not so much (I really don’t understand why they want me to stop when I like riding so much). 

They also make me verbally say “on” and “off” to take the rings on and off the poles in the arena.   As an almost 4-year old, Horsepower is a totally fun way to spend my Tuesday mornings and I’m SO thankful I can be a part of the Speech in Motion Program.  



Annabelle and Trixie