In September of 2020, I began riding Justin, one of the newer members here at HorsePower.  Right away, I noticed how he blended effortlessly into the therapeutic lifestyle, happily working hard for everyone.  Not only is he diligent, but he also cares for the riders on his back.  Whether they are young, old, therapeutic, or able-bodied riders, he wants to make their day.  I experienced this personally as I got to know Justin better.  Within the first few weeks of riding him, he would greet me at his stall door as I went to grab him for class.  He would even hang around his stall door after my class for some extra love.  His sweet expressions always won me over; because he was happy, I was happy.  Perhaps what I most love about Justin is that he is just like the riders he supports; sensitive, expressive, and hardworking.

HorsePower means so much to me.  It is not just a riding center; it is a community; a family.  I have been riding here for more then 10 years and have continually witnessed how HorsePower enhances induvial lives.  I have felt the impact HorsePower has on the community more than ever just by sidewalking in a therapeutic class and an independent class this past year.  By smiling and sharing your love of horses, you can make someone’s day.  And that is what matters.

Anna and Justin