My name is Abigail Harkey, and I’ve been in the HorsePOWER family since August of 2019. While I haven’t been in the family long, the impact this amazing group of people and horses had on me will stick forever.


I’ve always had a heart for helping horses, as well as a yearning for helping people- I just never quite knew how. When I joined the HorsePOWER family, I had just recently moved to Greensboro. This was the first time I had moved out on my own so it was a little scary. I was welcomed with open arms and listening ears as I told my story and I was surrounded by folks who shared the same love for those sweet hooved creatures and innocent kind hearts that walked through those barn doors.


I immediately fell in love with HorsePOWER’s mission and devoted many days a week to helping out in classes, aiding in training horses, and doing whatever I could to help out. I knew as soon as I pulled in the driveway I would be greeted with so many smiling faces and whatever I had going on would be left at the gate.


Since then, I’ve had to move back to my hometown in Lincolnton, NC, but I still visit and keep close contact with many of my friends at HorsePOWER. I still wanted to do my part from far away, and that’s how I’ve ended up with the beloved pair of Belgian mules- Luther and George. Everyone knew those long ears and soft noses, and adored every inch. (Even ALL the 17 hands of George!)


Luther and George are now at my farm, earning the retirement they deserve eating all the cookies they want and getting all the good ear scratches they want. They have devoted many of their years to serving their humans, now it’s the time for me to serve them. Their favorite things are braying when I pull in the driveway and playing with each other.


Every time I look out my window and see those two senior mules, I think of how grateful they must be to not only have lived a wonderful life with HorsePOWER, but to be able to help other people as well. HorsePOWER will always represent the kindness and service of both our two legged humans and four legged horses alike.


- Abigail Harkey

Abigail, Luther, and George