Team Building & Corporate Days of Caring

There are numerous ways your business can help HORSEPOWER.  Of course, we are always grateful for item donations and monetary donations, or perhaps your organization would like to sponsor a horse or sponsor a rider.

While we welcome each of these types of giving, we also offer businesses the opportunity to benefit their team directly.   Days of Caring, as we call them, are initiatives that benefit a corporate group while simultaneously benefiting our riders, farm, horses, facility, or trainers.  Encourage team building skills and giving back to your community by organizing a group outing with your company to HORSEPOWER.

Companies that have undertaken Days of Caring include American Express, Novartis, Greensboro College, Kay Chemical, and ACC Group.  Your company can volunteer a day or just a few hours to work on projects that will benefit HORSEPOWER’s therapeutic riding program.

Days of Giving: First Hand Experience

The UPS Team recently visited HORSEPOWER as part of their "Days of Giving" corporate program. Their group worked so hard and helped us with so many projects for our new farm in HIgh Point.  Team leader and UPS Sales Manager, Samantha Barbrey followed up with a testimonial on her experience with HORSEPOWER and we wanted to share it!  Special thanks to Samantha & UPS Team!


"Why We Give" by Samantha Barbrey 

My name is Samantha Barbrey, and I am an Area Sales Manager in North Carolina.

I have been a UPS employee for 17 years, and I am very proud to say so. The reason I

give back is pretty simple, I want to share the joy and love I have. It is important to

share, and to be leaders and mentors within your community.  The funny thing is,

99.9% of the time, I feel like I get so much more out of each experience then the

recipient. The feeling I get whether it is singing for church, or helping a child while

they ride their horse, is so fulfilling. 


I do have one special organization that is close to my heart called HORSEPOWER. But

before I go into details of why I love this organization, I will give you a little background.

I grew up with a loving family, and I started riding and fell in love with horses at the

age of 7. There is so much you can experience with a horse. Personally, I have

experienced their strength, their ability to make you humble, especially when you

come off, their ability to teach anyone, no matter who you are, their ability to show

you to never give up, and their ability to teach you that when you fall off, no matter

how bad it hurts, you need to get back on.


I have had many experiences, including my own, with horses. At a young age, I was in a lesson, and one of the horses, on its own, took it’s rider to the center of the ring and then stopped. All of us knew that we shouldn’t let our horses do that, but this was different. As I looked closer, the little girl on the horse, was acting weird. When I looked closer, I realized that this child was my best friend’s little sister. As my best friend and I went to her sister, we knew right then, that Kelly was having a seizure! We jumped off, so we could pull her off her horse and get her to safety. After her seizure, my best friend and I looked at each other and were amazed that the horse knew not only to stop, but to go to a safe place where his rider could be found and helped. It was absolutely amazing! Still to this day it brings tears to my eyes!


As I grew older, after riding in college, I was asked if I would be interested in coaching. I wasn’t too sure about that, especially since I had just finished being a student myself! I was scared but took on the challenge. That coaching job has continued, which I am grateful for and yet still astounded about. People send their children to me? Are you sure?


Coaching has been a challenge, but more so, it has been an amazing opportunity for myself. I have been able to coach and mold students into whom I believe, will not only amazing leaders, but whom will also be people who understand the importance of hard work, determination, compassion and giving back.


Horses don’t speak our language, so they communicate with us using their other

senses, and yes, even sometimes their voice. Their other senses are stronger

especially when communicating with humans, giving them the ability to know

whether they have a child or adult on their back, or whether you have someone

with an illness or a disability. These animals can sense all of this, and they are

able to communicate with us. This to me is still astounding and so wonderful to

see in person. One quote that sums it up best is, “When a rider looks into a horses

eyes, they are able to see a part of their soul, a part never thought to be found.”


This is why I am so passionate about HORSEPOWER and what the organization does.

HORSEPOWER works with children and adults with disabilities, children and adults in

group homes or whom have anger issues, as well as Veteran’s with PTSD. Through

horses, they are able to help each person grow stronger, learn in a fun

environment, feel safe, communicate in ways that don’t use words, and at times

it can prepare them to face the outside world. All of this happens through the

relationship between the horse and a rider. It is an amazing to experience, and

the joy and happiness is overwhelming.


For the past 2 years, I work relentlessly to get anyone and everyone interested, to help Horsepower. For 2 years, I have put an event together, and the response has been amazing. The first year, we worked with HORSEPOWER, by helping them clear land and build fences for their new future home. It was hard work, but amazing. The second year, we continued to help with their new facility. We helped things like painting, pulling up carpet, clearing paths and trails, building fence lines, landscaping, and building the stalls in the Veteran’s barn. The fact that we were able to be a part of something that big is important to me. Next year, when Horsepower has moved to its new location, I would love to set up a time where the group can work individually with students. I think this would truly show them what all of their hard work has done. Whether it is working side by side a child or adult with disabilities, or whether you are working one on one with a Veteran, the outcome of the experience is indescribable.


Thank you for allowing me to express why I give back!