Donate an Item

HORSEPOWER relies on the generosity of individuals, groups, and corporations within the community we serve. We are especially in need of donations of items in the following categories:

Everyday items: paper towels, hand- sanitizer, paper, laminating sheets, paper and plastic cups, toilet paper, dry erase markers, card stock, and bottled water.

Larger items: Washer/dryer, John Deere Gator or Kawasaki Mule, chain saws, push mowers, manure picks, and square nose shovel.

Horse Care: Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX, Glucosamine, corn oil, hay (fescue or orchard), grooming tools, fly spray, Swat, Furazone, and Corona.

Tack: rider helmets, saddles (used or new), English riding stirrups, English girths, and adaptive riding equipment. 

Technology: computers, computer accessories, internet service, printing equipment, toner, and assorted printing materials. 


If you would like to donate any of these items, or something not on this list, please contact us or call us at (336) 931-1424.